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REFRACTOR - Locus Suspectus LP

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*Edition of 200 copies* Jospeh Martinez aka Refractor presents twelve one-take improvisations for synthesizer. Unfortunately we're not privy to what synthesizer that is, but we're assured that all mixing, panning, decay and reverb are manipulated within the instrument and were mastered with no additional editing. The results recall the magical essence of much Radiophonic bloopery and the instinctively rhythmic work of say, Ekoplekz in parts, or the more roving moments of Emeralds' Steve Hauschildt in others, but essentially there's a curiosity of spirit and a considered pacing to 'Locus Suspectus' which is intrinsic to his sound. It all best summed up by the man himself "Sawtooth waves of synthesized ramblings with Marshall McLuhan and Aldous Huxley in mind. A Brave New World soundtrack to feed the connected one's insatiable appetite for distraction."