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RAW HONEY - river bed LP

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Michigan songwriter Maggie Hopp has been a friend for years, and while she's been making music under the Raw Honey moniker since 2014 or so, Riverbed is the first proper collection of Maggie's gently disarming songs. Carefully constructed over the course of over a year, the album is held together by threads of spirituality, grief, raw self-inspection, and observations made while moving slowly through the world. A cast of friends add to the layers of instrumentation, and unexpected guitar tones and production choices result in a beautiful album that moves like mist.

This is a work of art years in the making that sounds not quite like any other. Mastering by Warren DeFever at Detroit's Thrid Man labs takes the songs to new levels of clarity, and the cover painting from Ypsilanti artist Jim Cherewick hints at Riverbed's uncommon colors and personality.

Limited to 200 copies on pressed on vinyl of various different desert colors. Full color jackets and lyric sheets.