RAVETANK - An Intimate Study Of Alcohol TAPE

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An album entirely about alcohol and the anecdotes that it comes with. Initially this wasn't supposed to be an album, I had 'Stung By The Bee' written well before the 'Don't Be Sad, Be Rad!' days and it was initially supposed to appear on there, but it didn't due to a lack of adequate drum equipment (which basically means "I wanted ride cymbal on it, but didn't have one to hand"), so it that got shelved, and then I found that a lot of my lyrics started to revolve around alcohol, so I decided that it would be fun to write an entire album based around various drinks and stories of hazy nights out with friends.

What was originally a dumb and novel idea grew into something so much more, and the result has ended up becoming an album about the mundanity of everyday existence and friendship. It's a love letter to all of my friends in Bath and Bristol, there are too many people to name individually, but I want to thank you all, because without you guys putting up with my dumb drunken self this probably would've never have gotten made.

Recorded at Radical Westy Studio, Wiltshire on a Tascam Porta 02 with Type II tape except for 'Closing Time' which was recorded in Logic Pro 9. Noise, field recordings, and sound collage elements were made in either Logic Pro 9, or with various tape machines, and added in Logic Pro 9. All field recordings are my own except for some in 'Closing Time' which were taken from BBC archives.

Ravetank encourages you to drink responsibly.