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RÅPUNK - Swedish raw punk scene between 1981 and 1989 BOOK

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322 pages with a 3/4 dust jacket

RÅPUNK documents the Swedish raw punk scene between 1981 and 1989. Inspired by bands like DISCHARGE, CRASS and DEAD KENNEDYS, the second wave of Swedish punk bands launched a furious, unique musical and visual onslaught that still affects and influences punk fans worldwide.

The book captures the spirit of this era by featuring rare and never before seen photos of bands like ANTI-CIMEX, ASOCIAL, AVSKUM, DISARM, HUVUDTVÄTT/HEADCLEANERS, MISSBRUKARNA, MOB 47, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, RAPED TEENAGERS, RÖVSVETT, SKITSLICKERS, SVART PARAD, SVART SNÖ, SWANKERS PMS, TOTALITÄR and many, many more. It also documents the people — who by going to gigs, organising demonstrations, producing fanzines and releasing tapes and records — all represented different creative and ideological but equally important parts of the scene.

RÅPUNK also features a great number of fanzines, posters, record and cassette artwork — all representing and encapsulating the scene’s raw, expressive and important Do It Yourself design aspect.

Written by DAVID ANDERSSON — a member of the scene as a singer in IDENTITY and zine maker of BUBBEL-BAD — with a foreword by legendary NAPALM DEATH singer LEE DORRIAN, who toured Sweden at the time, and was one of the few promoters to bring the Swedish råpunk bands to the UK. The book fills a previously blank area on the map as this is the first time the Swedish raw punk scene of the 1980s gets a visual documentation in book form.


Written & compiled by:
David Andersson

Foreword by:
Lee Dorrian

Edited by:
Justin Hallström & Caroline Södergren