RAFAEL TORAL - Space Elements Vol. III LP

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According to Rafael Toral, the Space Program is all about a simple idea: to perform abstract electronic music under jazz values. The result is full of fascinating paradoxes: "melodic without notes, rhythmic without a beat, familiar but strange, meticulous but radically free." Taiga now releases its most eloquent example so far: "Space Elements Vol. III is the strongest and musically most diverse statement within Rafael Toral's Space Program to date. You will experience "jazz on electronics" in full effect -- a totally new language in sound." --Staubgold; With blooming sound, compliments of the mastering by James Plotkin (not found on previous releases in the Space Program), Space Elements Vol. III has a very rhythmic, percussive character. It unfolds a fresh set of collaborations with an array of drummers and percussionists, while Toral's electronic phrasing reaches previously-unheard heights of maturity. Edition of 500 LPs featuring João Paulo Feliciano's artwork and graphic design by NOTYPE. Pressed on 200 gram plasma virgin vinyl, the LP was cut with DMM.