RADIO BURROUGHS - Filler Words. Gesture. LP

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Radio Burroughs is a five-piece from Berlin, Germany, and they just recorded „Filler Words. Gesture“. Radio Burroughs recorded one album before, but that ´s not a lot in six years of existence. It ´s not enough. Their records (and most of all their live shows) have an effect. Indie Rock, Post Punk, where does that lead us, we know it, for more than twenty years. But for more than twenty years we also know how beautiful this rough understatement can be, how much this complex songwriting can catch us. „Filler Words. Gesture.“ looks nice in its pop up gatefold cover, and it ´s one of these records that sound like they would be around for ages. Stay in the subconscious, subtle and purring - and that ´s what makes a record that endures, becomes a personal classic. It ´s good one can put it on again and again.