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RADICAL KITTEN - Silence is Violence TAPE

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Radical Kitten is a queer and feminist Toulouse-based band, formed in 2018 by Marion (drums), Iso (guitar) and Marin (bass, vocals). Having previously released a 3-track demo, ‘Contre-nature Han’, the kittens have built a solid reputation as a live band in the South of France. Influenced by post-punk, noise and rrriot punk, their sound is tensely drawn between incisive riffs and chanted vocals. ‘Silence is Violence’ is an ambitious debut album, full of rage against social violence, dealing with transphobia, homophobia or sexism. All Cats Are Beautiful!

Iso is also a member of To The Moon and Back (aka the band I've seen the most live and whose EP we were lucky enough to release two years ago) and we're thrilled to be involved with a very different -although equally uncompromising- project.

"All the tracks here are non-linear, veering from no wave to pure chaos (“Sorry”) to more psychedelic, as on the dark, echoey “I Don’t Wanna.” There are no skips on this album, though the strongest track might be the thundering “Say Shit,” with its jammy ending that borders on shoegaze." Best Punk on Bandcamp (October 2020)