RACHEL´S - music for egon schiele LP

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Originally performed as a live accompaniment for a 1995 theater-dance production about the life of painter Egon Schiele, this is the both the exception to the Rachel's rule and their defining moment. Though they are normally a three-headed, multiperson new-music and classical ensemble centered around Jason Noble (ex-Rodan), Christian Frederickson, and Rachel Grimes, this suite was written entirely by Grimes and performed by Grimes (on piano), Frederickson (viola), and cellist Wendy Doyle. As always, the music (not to mention the letter-pressed packaging) is spellbinding; the fact that this is classical music by--and for--people who grew up on indie rock in no way diminishes it, nor does it make the music too low-brow for those with a classical background. For a more complete picture of what the entire Rachel's ensemble is capable of, both Handwriting and The Sea and the Bells are recommended. --Randy Silver