R / V / LT / D - same LP

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In summer 2005, Harald Keller started R/V/LT/D while playing in several hardcore-punk based bands. After releasing three outputs himself he was signed by beatismurder records in 2009. Harald Keller also is active with the band Picture Eyes plus the electronic project Down The Mask.

„An eclectic mix of synthies and drummachines, eerie sounds and a little electric guitar. Fashionably, I would say that whoever is behind this project likes Xiu Xiu, but I guess with a really big and expensive studio he could make up some big time music like Trent Reznor. And really, there is the warbling synthie-sounds of the first NIN-album and the same drop in the back vocals. And the songs seem to consist of various parts as well.

He keeps up the oppositions what makes for interesting albeit heavy listening in some respects. The poppy melody and guitar versus the harsh percussions and the sombre lyrics for instance, these are opposites the listener has to overcome before being able to enjoy. And then the various synthie-parts showing off what his machines can do. That’s harsh stuff for ears used to electroacoustic improvisation and free form noise.

Whoever is behind R/V/LT/D, he has a lot of ideas, a unique idea of pop-music and enough ego and a big penchant for pathos to make him last for a full album, if he works on it. Could be something big, if he can find somebody to provide the necessary means. I have listened to these songs while writing this, for about three times in a row and they have become better and better on me. Maybe that is their secret. Let’s see.“ (