Thrill Jockey

PULLMAN - Viewfinder DLP

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Second album from this loose collective of free spirits headed up by Curtis Harvey of Rex, Chris Brokaw of Come and Douglas McCombs of Tortoise alongside new members Ken Brown and Jim O'Rourke's percussionist Tim Barnes. Beautifully loping guitar interplay between the multi-stringed-wonderboys that brings to mind anything from the lushed harmonics of Sam Prekop's Sea & Cake to the rustic beauty of John Fahey, Bill Frisell and Nick Drake. A much more expansive canvas is explored here in relation to their debut album as well as great leaps forward in compositional quality, purest songs with an edge. European cinematic influences are on display as well as windswept American landscapes. This could be Thrill Jockey's finest album this year. Makes you want to cut off the electricity for good and move out into the country, well maybe not but everyone should find a space in their soul to let this magic in. Truly wonderful.