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"Giuseppe is a friend. Some time ago he calls us and tells us that he would like to release another record, this time together with this German friend of his in which he sings half in German half in Italian. On the phone he keeps saying 'Rammbock' but we understand 'Rambo' and we think it's a horrible name, but do you think we don't trust Giuseppe? He is our favorite rap artist. Not a rapper: a rap artist. We ask him to explain the project but as always he doesn't tell us anything. We heard the master a few days ago, and it's a bomb. 'Come on, tell us something', we tell him. He tells us that LA Rammbock (because he calls it LA Rammbock) was born in Cologne with a song called Overtax Yojimbo recorded at Terfak's house after eating an Adana bought from Kebabland. Terfak, the German type, grew up in Saarbrücken like Giuseppe and appears to be one of the few who write in a way that excites him. Effectively gases us too. The production is entrusted to Zutera, a very young boy also from Saarbrücken who is part of a collective called Freche Gesellschaft. Zero samples, all played with a Wurlitzer 200A and a Moog Satellite. We then discover that Rammbock means ram. With the Rammbock you break doors. Ours has broken through all of them. Let them break through too. It is worth it."