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Formed in Columbus, Ohio in late 2005, Psychedelic Horseshit spent their first five years spewing out a heap of self-released CD-Rs, cassettes and vinyl singles on a variety of labels, with their debut album, Magic Flowers Droned appearing back in 2007. Forming a dense collage of trashed tones and in-the-red mixes; veering between being challenging and genuinely catchy; and generally resembling the addled states of a full-blown drink and drug binge, they've been variously compared to The Fall, The Dead C, early Pavement, Royal Trux, Guided By Voices, Swell Maps, Sebadoh, Harry Pussy and Magik Markers, and located alongside the messy amp-blown brilliance of contemporaries The Hospitals, Tyvek, Eat Skull, and Sic Alps.