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PROVIDIEN - Followed By A Wraith LP

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“the midwest is a real shangri-la for bohemia basement bleakness so it’s not real surprising that loner tape grime duo providien hail from the snow-blasted state of ohio,and have a grim grassroots aura that just feels right. led by sword heaven electrician mark van fleet and partner-in-crime/childhood friend nathan reynolds (also of weirdo goths american jobs), providien’s debut, “followed by a wraith”, sprawls
from disembodied horror atmospherics to no-fi sludge death marches to pure weirdo home-taper acoustic guitar meltdowns, each new zone more unsettling and brainwashed than the last. has elements of mammal (especially the recent drone-suicide ballads), the shadow ring (just replace all the british stuff with raw american sloth), and various other esoteric cassette miserablists, but that’s just a roundabout way of saying this shit rules.” - britt brown the lp is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl with a paste on artwork. all copies come with an insert included with album info and tracklist printed on cardstock or transparency.