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PRIVACY - Without Mercy LP

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I had the good fortune of playing a show with Laurel Knapp, aka Privacy, earlier this year here in SF. Having only met her a couple of hours before the show I really had no Idea what to expect. Probably why I was totally surprised to find my mouth wide open once she got about two minutes into her set. Her gentle singing, which is really more akin to breathing softly and talking at the same time, was, and is on this recording, something to behold. Laurel’s dreamy loom may lack the histrionics so fawned over by the kids the days, but I say drama ain’t everything. ‘Without Mercy’ is a captivating collection of monochromatic love-blues, tenderly propelled along by smokey acoustic guitar strum and a husky vocal drone. A great testament to minimal space, emotional inversion, and the resonance that a style lacking in so called technique can produce from simple charisma. A bummer that it’s only 20 minutes long, but a great release nonetheless

limited to 300 copies