PRISMA - The Cosmic Coil LP + CD

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The feminine entities of Visitations/Attar Cups step forward, duo style, for their debut longplayer -- and what a debut it is. These magical ladies have been oh-so-subtly wowing locals with their rare live sets for a few years now, and as hard as it is to imagine, this album manages to surpass their live wonder in both intimacy and intensity. A mesmerizing cycle of ultra-hush dreamtime lullabies, ethereal ghost pop, lost folk, and trance-state sonic whirlpools. The songs are hazy shimmerings of dusty splendor, delivered with utter beauty and fragility, yet shrouded in a thick veil of mystery and sadness. The drones seem to be pulled from between the cracks in silence by some woozy late-night ritual, summoning an edgy and ecstatic presence into the very spirit of the sound. Recorded to analog tape with minimal equipment and much spontaneity, the rural autumn/winter setting of the process has no doubt penetrated the creation, and suits the cozy/lonely vibe perfectly.