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When Night-People packed up and moved to the Twin Cities one of the first bands on our radar was Minneapolis trio Claps and the bands front man Patrick Donohoe who was a standout person in terms of welcoming us with open arms and showing much kindness, gratitude, and general positive energy towards the label. Principality is one of a few excellent projects Pat is involved with exploring different aspects of post punk, new wave, weirdo pop, industrial, minimal synth and all things beyond and in between. Pat is joined in Principality by friends and scene vets Teddy Borth, Mark Matejcek and Ollie Moltaji to create a band that rides the darker more romantic sides of post punk to dynamic effect without any sense of pretentiousness or fashion getting in the way of the music. Recorded just down the block from Night People HQ by Matt Castore at a Harder Commune Studio, this release showcases some of the best of what the Twin Cities has to offer.