PRIMATES - control salvaje 7"

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After all this years it´s still exciting to discover something different from the nowadays ongoing crust revival circus and then being surprised to find out these folx are around since quite some time now to deliver the goods.
PRIMATES from Barcelone play together in a constand line up since 1995 and can be described as a energetic mixture of GARAGE PUNK meets old school Thrash Punk close to the ancestors such like HERESY or the early CIRCLE JERKS, D.R.I. possé from the US.
Theres 9 (!) tracks on this brand new 7", sung in spanish by a raging female vocalist who smiles all the time while rocking out with her band mates and create a FURIOUS set of Punk Rock the way it meant to be. Short, Fast and Loud, - pissed off and snotty but still with some sense of irony and humor. Shortly: Get this while you can.