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POHGOH - Secret Club TAPE

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A band with a rich history in the 90s DIY scene, Pohgoh's initial existence was, like too many bands of that era, productive but short-lived. Part of a network of bands that included peers like Rainer Maria, Jejune and Dahlia Seed, the band appeared on Deep Elm's infamous Emo Diaries compilation series (the first ever comp, in fact), released a split with Braid, and their own full-length record, In Memory of Bab, before calling it quits in 1997. And that looked to be it, until a recent reunion show ignited a desire to write and perform music together again.

21 years on from the release of their first record, the band made their way to Baltimore, MD's Magpie Cage Recording Studio to record their sophomore full-length with engineer/producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines). The result is Secret Club, a collection of songs that deal with life as a band after almost 20 years apart and Susie's 15+ year battle with Multiple Sclerosis, all set to a backdrop of crunchy Superchunk-y guitars and a driving rhythm section.