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 I have yet to hear a tune from Tokyo's PINPRICK PUNISHMENT I don't like.  Their first two 7″ are pulsating collages of choppy ear piercing noise-punk, and they build on those singles here.  PINPRICK PUNISHMENT are like a beautiful parasitic-mutation of early SST heavy hitters (Black Flag and Saccharine Trust) and the Sam McPheeters lineage of HC: specifically Wrangler Brutes, Men's Recovery Project and Born Against.   A caustic, chaotic beast that probably shouldn't work; but really does.  The lyrics are bitter, yet clever. The guitars are schizophrenic and totally unpredictable. And the bass / drum interplay seem to be mere shadowy cornerstones to the cacophonous guitar and vocal anchor that harness each track. Blood Bag is a gleefully sadistic blitzkrieg that rages through perfectly executed solos, burly downhill riffing and an overall cohesiveness that you don't find in to many bands today.