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PINK NOISE - Greedy Heart LP

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New wave/no wave Montreal punks THE PINK NOISE have crawled out of the basement and into the light with their latest album entitled Greedy Heart. Released on the Copenhagen-based Skrot Up imprint, the band’s 6th fulllength album sees them shaking off the claustrophobic sounds of tape hiss and ghetto blasters that resulted in their being named “Montreal’s most nihilistic band.” Originally the solo-project of Toronto-native MARK SAUNER, The Pink Noise first established itself with a series of highly regarded albums on Sacred Bones, Kill Shaman, Night People, Almost Ready, and Pleasence Records. Now based in Montreal, The Pink Noise operates as a full band, with a sound that re-imagines the impulses that characterized the earlier work through more structured songwriting, higher fidelity, and lyrical clarity. While still rooted in the retro-futurism of Sauner’s previous albums, Greedy Heart expands the vision by adding the cold wave synthesizer of Electric Voice Records’ MATT SAMWAYS, the abstract guitar of Psychic Handshake Recordings’ GRAEME LANGDON, and the Crass-like drumming of PORN PERSONS and INTERNATIONAL LOVE TRIANGLE’s TARA DESMOND. With its mix of psychedelic colourful effects, gritty guitar, and booming drums, the result is an album full of dynamic tension that conjures the band’s equal interest in glam rock, post-punk, and new wave while at the same time embodying a newness beyond its allusions to classics like Television, Soft Cell, The Fall, or Roxy Music. Limited edition pressing of 300 copies.