PIÑÉN - Nicolasa Quintremán 7"

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Piñén is an ultra lo-fi Hardcore / Punk duo from Berga, Spain.

"Nicolasa Quintremán (1939-2013) was a Mapuche woman defender of the Bio Bio river known for her fierce opposition to the construction of the Ralco de Endesa hydroelectric plant. In 1997, this company began construction of the plant, forcing the Pehuenche communities that inhabited those lands to abandon them. Dozens of families were displaced, but Nicolasa, along with her sister Berta, refused to leave and fought to the end of their strength.
Nicolasa's body was found in the waters of the artificial reservoir of the dam on December 24, 2013. The official version stated that Nicolasa died from an accidental fall, for us, as for many people, Nicolasa was murdered.
"I don't have to leave. Dead I will leave my land, but not alive."
We do not want to idealize any people or any struggle, but we believe that Nicolasa Quintreman is an example of a firm and constant confrontation against capitalism and the established power. This album is dedicated to her and to all the people who have lost their lives fighting against injustice and colonialism.
If you want to know more about the Endesa case against the Mapuche people, we recommend the documentary "Turn off and let's go" (2005) by Manel Mayol."