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PIGEONS - Si Faustine LP

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PIGEONS is the psychedelic pop project of married couple WEDNESDAY KNUDSEN and CLARK GRIFFIN. They met in Seattle and while living there were part of THE SEA DONKEYS—a shambling anti-folk collective of freaks which also featured Hisham Mayet of the Sublime Frequencies label. The Sea Donkeys released an LP on the Sun City Girl's Abduction label in 2005. Pigeons formed later that same year when Wednesday and Clark relocated to New York. After releasing a string of micro-run cassettes and lathe-cut vinyls that explored noise and free jazz modes they turned their energies towards writing structured songs. The first widely available release of their song-oriented material was the Virgin Spectacle LP that came out on Black Dirt in 2008. That was followed by a 7-inch single on Soft Abuse in 2009. Si Faustine is their second album and like Virgin Spectacle was recorded at JASON MEAGHER’s Black Dirt Studio. Also featured on the album are contributions from CARTER THORNTON (ENOS SLAUGHTER, GNAW, ZASHIKI-WARASHI, IZITITIZ), Jason Meagher (NNCK, D. CHARLES SPEER, COACH FINGERS), and RENE BLUME-MEAGHER. Pigeons are currently living in Paris, France and have shows scheduled this summer in Paris and Berlin. Upcoming releases include a 7-inch on OESB and a 12-inch EP on Soft Abuse. Housed in full-color "tip-on" style jackets featuring artwork by MELODIE PROVENZANO and also includes a download coupon.