Matičre Mémoire


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**Edition of 300 copies, 180g Vinyl in Heavy Cardboard Sleeve**

Music by Phill Niblock, Kasper T.Toeplitz & Franck Vigroux. The ensemble IRE was founded by composers Kasper T. Toeplitz and Franck Vigroux. Their aim is to take a different look at electronic music, or rather more specifically the ”electronic mind” asapplied to today’s 21st century music. IRE questions the notion on the live interpretation of electronic compositions, the use ofelectricity, and advancement of the organology towards hybrid instruments and orchestration.

Phill Niblock is an Indiana-born (1933) New York-based avantgarde composer and multimedia artist, founder of Experimental Intermedia. Niblock's program is, fundamentally, to create music without rhythm or melody, by slow accumulation of microtones. Niblock's droning soundscapes originate from the superimposition and juxtaposition of sustained sounds which are, in turn, obtained from reprocessing acoustic instruments. Since this requires a competent manipulation of the sounds actually produced by the instruments, Niblock's music is often eventually refined by the composer while sitting in front of an electronic or digital tool.