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P.G. Six - starry mind LP

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Pat "P.G. Six" Gubler is still enmeshed in the mystic & the unknowable even as he feels & knows the fullness of his rock phase on his latest,Starry Mind. The band featured on 2007's Slightly Sorry (w/Debby Schwartz coming in on bass) has grown together, & you can hear it in the powerful unity of the performances. This has a "Shoot Out The Lights" vibe versus SS's "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight", played with a bit more rock abandon, & includes a guest spot from Tara Key (ANTIETAM). Fear not, Pat's serene vocalizing over a gently shaken brew of folk, rock & experimental elements is still atop the mountain, herein. To aid the long and lonely wait until the next iteration, Starry Mind is here to fill our cosmos.