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Bruce Russell (The Wire) on New Bodies in August 2009: "Peter Kolovos, guitarist in Los Angeles trio Open City, presents here three tracks of electric guitar improvisations. In New Bodies, his first solo release, Kolovos lets rip with all the skronk and blurt he's been holding in for the last decade, in tiny, tightly gated segments. His sound vocabulary is very broad, and his control of texture and timing is masterful. Using equalisation, reverb, envelope shaping and volume control... He rapidly opens and closes the volume window on a dizzying series of extended guitar techniques, creating the inescapable impression of Derek Bailey covering The Residents' Duck Stab. If that won't sell records, I don't know what will. This electrifying effect is enhanced by the crisp digital recording and the superb D&M pressing job -- every clang and buzz is right up in your grill. The packaging continues the good work. The cover features a magnificent photograph of the guitarist taken by Joyce Campbell using the mid-19th century tin type process, which requires a sitting of over three minutes. The resulting image is as physically 'time based' as the recording it encloses, and has the distinctive look of a Victorian death mask -- no 'posing' or even facial expression is possible. In this regard the cover is an exact metaphor of the recording - what you perceive is exactly what you get."

Music, production, design: Peter Kolovos; Photography: Joyce Campbell; Mastering: Rashad Becker, Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin; Pressed at Pallas, Germany. 180 gram vinyl; Includes download code; Full-color heavy metallic tip-on cover.