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PETER KOLOVOS - A Wolf Should Only Be Lone TAPE

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Los Angeles guitarist Peter Kolovos’s last release was the epic 3xLP Black Colors. While not quite as immense, A Wolf Should Only Be Lone, the artist's first cassette release since his days with Open City, hits the beautiful red space in fits and starts. These two tracks carry his distinct style of annihilating common notions of guitar playing. Bruce Russell once likened his playing to “Derek Bailey covering The Resident’s Duck Stab,” while David Keenan has described him as having the "dexterity of Bailey directed more towards Mars-style tonal confusion." Whichever take makes more sense, each Kolovos performance carries its own internal logic, a methodical and fervent approach to randomness that bleats pure emotion and raw skill. This cassette captures the best of his live performances during a West Coast Tour during August 2014.