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First solo LP by none other than former REM guitarist & friend PETER BUCK. Believe it or not, released on vinyl only by Mississippi Records (No CD or download available anywhere), and it gets weirder. This LP was cut pure analog—straight from tape to disc. A real old fashioned freak out record filled with Stooges like crunchy guitar riffs, strange atmospheric sounds, far out dark lyrics and some catchy pop hooks here and there. Peter and various friends you've probably heard of, gathered at Type Foundry Studio in Portland and laid out this record fast & furious. A real madcap journey of a record put together with nothing but love and a sense of immediacy. Peter and friends are taking things back to a simpler time when you could walk down to your local record shop/label and say, "hey, check out my new record...you wanna put it out?" We said, "Sure!" Straight from the heart—here tis'. Limited edition LP not to be missed.