PERISPIRIT - Spiritual Church Movement LP

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Perispirit is the collaborative project of Ricardo Donoso and Luke Moldof, here delivering their debut album proper after a number of cassette editions for Prurient's Hospital Productions and Ricardo's own Semata imprint. The sound they make is brilliantly impossible to categorise, bringing together analogue and digital electronic sound sources to create a freakish organism that reminds you of anything from Keith Fullerton Whitman to Prurient to Autechre to purist musique concrčte without batting an eyelid - split into two extended, musically expansive pieces. The recording process finds Moldof's analogue source material dissolved by Ricardo's digital sorcery and transmuted into fleetingly fractal, yet matrix-like productions where digital demons appear half-formed in a cacophonous miasmah of symphonic swells and deflected FM signals. They summon the ghosts of a world tormented, phased and riddled with electromagnetic radiation and endless data-ritus; a pair of dark interpreters operating on the liminal peripheries and communing between dimensions. In their attempts to consolidate the two opposing realms information is mauled and disfigured in translation, as heard in the sprawl of crumbling numbers and decimated textures on A-side '14th Annual Séance'. Imagine the coarse grained analog apparitions of Giuseppe Ielasi's Bellows project re-mapped by a malfunctioning Autechre patch and the unexpected results just about conjure up the spirit of the sounds on offer. On the B-side 'Attn: Deficit Disorder', their concentration becomes eroded by myriad info-streams - a lone melody provides the one steady, sustained element amidst a stream of flickering arrangements, flashing between mindwarping noise and disintegrating synth shapes, goading the imagination to hear and see sound images which may, or may not, be there.