PERFORMING FERRET BAND - Performing Ferret Band 7"

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"Hailing from Maidstone (Kent), Performing Ferret Band got together in 1978 and with their amateur take on music, they wrote a small but great chapter of the emergence born out of punk, when the proliferation of small labels and self-releases invaded the record shops and created a scene which developed one of the golden and most creative periods of music, despite the participants' technical limitations. Later based in Manchester and inspired by comedians such as Monty Python and musicians like Captain Beefheart, The Velvet Underground, or The Fall, the Ferrets developed a personal style very close to Television Personalities, Swell Maps, or The Desperate Bicycles, all bands of questionable virtuosity."

One of the finest D.I.Y. records from 1980. For the first time re-issued on a CD-compilation by Chuck Warner‘s Hyped to Death label in 2008. We proudly present the first vinyl re-release of the original 3 track EP with an additional track (Convenience). Limited Edition of 300