AD 93

PAVEL MILYAKOV - Project Mirrors LP

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A collection of loops recorded between 2016-2021.

Buttechno’s Pavel Milyakov galvanises strong feelings into streaks of ballistic trance, glitching choral arrangements and gorgeous, weightless arp flights to set AD 93 on course for 2023.

RIYL 0PN, Lorenzo Senni, Conrad Schnitzler, Nebuchadnezzar...

‘Project Mirrors’ debuts Milyakov on Nic Tasker’s label with a lush brace of club-adjacent creations distinctly recalling his work on Rassvet Records’ ‘Eastern Strike’ 12” or the spiralling vortices of the sought-after ‘City-2’ sessions. The eight beat-less yet propulsive works mark up his first solo flight under his own name since 2020, following an armful of interim collaborations with artists ranging from Alex Zhang-Hungtai to Bendik Giske, DJ Speedsick and Yana Pavlova that have proved, where necessary, the versatility and mutability of his trance-indebted works. Each cut flows with an energy oscillating from romantic to seething in a potently direct style that’s become a hallmark of all his work since the mid teens, and which is felt most powerfully here.

Teetering in with the high-wire harmonics of ‘aapril’, the trip sharpens and refracts lines of hyper-melodics through thru kaleidoscopic turns bounding between the laser-guided focus of ‘202 days of summer’ and the curdled kosmiche finale ‘epic’. He pushes the levels to gibber-jawed, distorted trance ecstasy on ‘raveing’ and recalls 0PN jamming with Nebuchadnezzar on the roiling pulse of ‘runners’. There’s a exalted centrepiece of Eastern European-sounding choral motifs wrung out in glitching saccades on ‘choirs’, and ‘last dolphin’ scales darker heights of acid trance a la Live Adult Entertainment or DJLoser aces, while ‘august gtr’ fades out, arps cascadign like feathers from flying too close to the sun in the album’s penultimate throes.