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PARRHESIA - For Everything to be Consummated, For Me 7"

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Call it screamo, punk, thrash, just don't call it quiet. On Parrhesia's "For Everything to Be Consummated, For Me to Feel Less Alone, I Had Only to Wish That There Be a Large Crowd of Spectators the Day of My Execution and That They Greet Me With Cries of Hate," they make bands like Orchid look passe, and keep the heavy fans interested with the same filthy grit as Tragedy and Reversal of Man. The rhythms snap out of nonsensical patterns into sharp, cohesive beats, while the guitars meld distortion so thick you could keep Beowulf out. The distraught vocals come sporadically as they desperately compete to make sense of the song's toppled structure. Making short tracks shorter and slow parts painfully exaggerated, the 7"'s title incurs some deliberate foreshadowing.