PARANOID VISIONS - two black eyes 7"

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It’s been a surprising 2 years since Paranoid Visions last released a record of their own. Since 2012’s Escape from the Austerity Complex, they’ve peppered us with a single and album featuring Crass legend Steve Ignorant to both critical and commercial acclaim, and along the way changed the line-up.

The rebooted Paranoid Visions buried themselves away, writing and recording material and Two Black Eyes represents the first of three individual releases the band will have in 2015. Coming as a physical release in 7″ format only, the two track single (also on download with bonus tracks) shows the already eclectic band exploring yet more musical territories.

Tough Love, a poppy track inspired by a desire to wrap up the horrible subject of spousal abuse in music that’s as uplifting as the subject matter is disturbing and an aim to record a song that was as much Punk as it was Motown as it was alt country. Already described by a radio presenter as being “f’kin ‘ell… I didn’t see that one coming… What a tune!!!”.

The other A side (It’s A) Bloody Road To Freedom finds the band in punchy and aggressive but measured form, owing as much to UK Decay as it does to UK Subs and as much to New Model Army as it does to Exploited Barmy Army, it’s a brooding tune and as scathing as anything the band has recorded. Again the lyrics make uncomfortable reading, tackling the subject of Northern Ireland and how generations on both sides of the fence and borders can’t let go of history.