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PARALLAX SMILE - Bruised fruit LP

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PARALLAX SMILE come from Groningen/Netherlands and were founded in 2019. There are old acquaintances who have been in the Dutch DIY punk/hardcore scene for decades and have played in bands such as MAKILADORAS, SUFFERING QUOTA, MUSHROOM ATTACK, FLEAS AND LICE, SYSTEM BASTARD etc. played. In 2021 a 7-song demo was released on Bandcamp and since the recordings were far too good for a purely digital release, the whole thing is finally available on vinyl. Musically there is a sound strongly influenced by 80s UK anarchopunk with a New Wave / post punk touch in the form of a keyboard. There are also political lyrics and female vocals, which are occasionally supported by other band members. Unfortunately, in the course of the LP release, the band's drummer, Maynard (including Fleas and Lice, Mushroom Attack etc.), passed away: Gone but not forgotten, rest in punk, dear friend.