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PADNA - rimessa truppa suite vol. 3 TAPE

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This is the 3rd and final installment of Padna’s, ‘rimessa truppa suite’ series. The original seeds for this idea came from a commute home listening to the Afternoon New Music show on WKCR. Through this show Padna (Nat Hawks) was exposed to the playful side of minimalism and experimental music.

When he sat down to start work on this album Nat imagined a high school jazz band in the 70s jamming after hours. That’s where his ideas for this series started to take root.

“My brain doesn’t naturally work well with rhythm or computers, so the process of making these albums was me finding work-arounds and short-cuts.” This shaped Nat’s style for the rimessa truppa suite series, he followed through on his idea very well, there is a playfulness to his work, with a deep homage to classical avant-garde. Something Keith and I have a soft spot for.

This album to me is really reminiscent of Klein's work, which is also really incredible.