African Tapes

OXES - Crunchy Zest 12"

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There was a time that rock and roll was easy. But now it's clean and heavy.
The age of Extended Dance mixes. 12"s pressed at 45rpm. Madon- na songs that last 9 minutes instead of 3. musical movements counted in months instead of years. This is Oxes on Africantape. A series of 12" records with new songs, new remix versions from artists like Cex, Jason Urick, MRC Riddims (of Dalek), and many more to come.

Oxes started in Baltimore, Maryland on August 16th, 1998. This is Madonna's birthday. Performance, Songs, Variety, Jokes. This has been their motto. They have made people rockout/laugh with their mugicianship. They helped Dan Deacon to move to Baltimore. One of them moved to a small town in Italy. One started recording bands such as Lower Dens and Wye Oak. One of them took his virtuous guitar stylings and started the Microkingdom. The one that moved to that small town later moved to Berlin because they still have good health insurance there but it enabled him to host Karaoke with Pantyload, DJ 45rpm singles at 33rpm, and make videos. Now when this group of friends get together, a massive vortex of tweets and status updates are sprinkled with homemade tagliatelle, vibrating neon psychedelic upside-down crooked triangles, and 3D glasses. This produces the magic that you will hear on vinyl. We invite you to share the joy with us, and not forget to experience their live set, which someone said once was sorta original.