OXBOW & BRÖTZMANN - An Eternal Reminder Of Not Today / Live At Moers DLP

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At the Moers Festival 2018, OXBOW got together with Peter Brötzmann to deliver a memorable performance, bringing out the best of two legends in their very own genres while playing old and new Oxbow songs together.

Oxbow, formed in 1988 in San Francisco, plays a blend of noise rock, avant garde jazz, musique concrè te and blues, creating intimate soundscapes, with overtones of paranoia, revulsion and exaltation.

They released a couple of cult albums, eg. on. Neurot, Hydra Head. Peter Brötzmann, active since the 60s with his distinct saxophone sound, is one of the key musicians in European Free Jazz.

"I think we have at least one thing in common: a certain kind of energy, which we could share and where we will meet." Peter Brötzmann

Peter Brötzmann -saxophone / Eugene S. Robinson - vocals / Niko Wenner - guitars, piano / Dan Adams - bass guitar / Greg Davis - drums