Blackest Rainbow


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Psyched free jazz session from the (apparently) now-defunct Owl Xounds, appearing here as a quartet of Adam Kriney (drums), Gene Janas (upright bass), Mario Rechtern (saxophone, electronics, and devices) and Shayna Dulberger (upright bass). So, what can we tell you about this record? Well, it quite clearly feature four people with something to get out of their system, all at the same time, although not necessarily in time with one another. I'm going to struggle for analogues here, but if you're familiar with modern free jazz you'll probably be aware of them already, however, if you're not, this will probably sound maddening. They expend some serious energy on these recordings, and hopefully managed to resolve whatever it was they're all booting off over. Sounds like music for people who don't take drugs, but want their music to sound like drugs, and made by people who don't take drugs. Just don't take drugs, ok? Records are housed in psychedelic hippy techni-colour sleeve designed by the one and only Jefferson Mayday Matday Vimana.