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OUTLAW ORDER - Dragging Down The Enforcer LP (red vinyl)

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Svart Records present an official vinyl reissue of the debut and so far only album by the Eyehategod side project Outlaw Order, originally released on Season of Mist in 2008. Walking on a similar path as their mothership EHG, Outlaw Order do their best to push the dirty, sludge-ridden envelope even further.

“At just over twenty seven minutes long, this is just fucking spot on for an album that aims to equate with the force of a double barrelled shotgun. The fury that explodes from OO% cannot be faked, and this debut makes compelling listening for anyone who digs the pungent New Orleans sound of EHG and their various associates, whether on parole, in remand, or currently serving time.”

– The Sleeping Shaman