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OUM KALSOUM - Chansons Inédites LP

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On the occasion of the disquaire day 2023, Elmir Records is pleased to present a reissue of a collection of "unreleased songs" by the one called the Star of the East, both for her magnetism on stage and her somptuous voice. Born in Tmaïe al-Zahayira (Egypt), Oum Kalsoum, also spelled Oum Kalthoum (1898 ≈ 1904/1975) is unanimously considered the greatest singer of the Arab world, which music she modernized for nearly five decades. Produced on 78 rpm records between 1926 and 1936, these short but rare works are among her earliest recordings and contrast with the diva's long and iconic pieces. A remastered collection with biographical notes written by Rabah Mezouane that invites the listener to (re)discover these masterpieces in ideal conditions.