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OUIJA - 'Tropical Depression' 7"

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New 7'' from this Floridian group. Check out their myspace or listen to a track from the record here Sounds like the Beatles in a Garage! Wait no...It sounds like The Beatles in a trashcan playing Wings! No sounds like The Beatles cut up into pieces, fed to a raccoon, then shit out and sucked up into a vacuum cleaner while a microphone was being held to the bag! Wait sounds like if The Beatles were actually The Velvet Underground and not The Beatles, but then covered The a garage! My English 110 professor gave this review a C+!

But honestly, there's some definite Beatles-worship going on here, or at least on a couple tracks. But not in an E6 way, though, don't worry. It's a pretty simple record, but a rather enjoyable one. I ain't asking for more than that, most of the time.