Blackest Rainbow


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Orphan Fairytale emerged mid 2000s from the Belgian underground which seems to be a consistently solid ground for fantastic music emerging. This brand new LP from Eva Van Deuren's Orphan Fairytale project follows on from her fantastic 'Ladybird Labyrinth' LP on Ultra Eczema as well as releases on Rampart, Foxglove, Release The Bats and many other great labels. 'Comets Come Alive' is a beautiful dreamy album of keyboard, layered with various unknown objects, toys and other non-instruments creating a sea of sound that is so stunning it's hard to put into words. The sounds Eva creates have a childlike nursery rhyme like quality which is what makes her music so charming, it's simplistic, but there's not much else out there that sounds like what Eva does, she blends the minimalistic with the psychedelic. 'Comets Come Alive' is pressed on 180gram virgin vinyl including a download code.