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OOGA BOOGAS - eisbaer / sentimental stranger 7"

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If the appearance of a couple synths on stage at recent shows wasn’t enough of an indication, Melbourne garage four-piece The Ooga Boogas are branching out.

The band’s brandnew 7” features A-side ‘Sentimental Stranger’, a Pavement-esque “ballad” that gets bonus points for rhyming Dostoyevsky with Lemon Ruski. Here’s singer Stacky’s description: “It’s about that special conversation/situation you might find yourself in with a complete stranger that leads to life-long friendship, or perhaps a damn good root.”

‘Sentimental Stranger’ is backed by a cover of 'Eisbær', a hit in the 1980s for Swiss band Grauzone. The song was recorded in Mansfield, Victoria, in the same sessions that yielded the band’s debut LP Romance and Adventure.