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One Eyed God Prophecy was a political crusty, grindcore, hardcore band influenced by artists like Rorshach, Econochrist, Born Against, and Canadian mates Union of Uranus, Drift and Shotmaker.

The band was formed in Sherbrooke, Quebec in 1995 and with Dom Poulin, Seb Philbert, Alex Bibeau, J-P Dionne and Ugo Desgrenier. Committing themselves to the DIY ethic, they practiced and performed their first shows in guitarist, Ugo Desgreniers’s shed. Their philosophy was simple, to have fun and stay true to their emotions and feelings. In doing so, they produced music which had “barely audible voices… only to symbolize that all governments, aristocrats or any strong head leaders will never hear about us and/or our whinings.”

Opting to perform in smaller venues where they were a part of the audience, One Eyed God Prophecy was signed to the independent record label, The Great American Steak Religion after Yannick Lorrain heard them practice. They embarked on a six-week tour across Canada and the US in their 1976 orange “hippie van,” to promote their first self-titled LP. The tour was deemed a huge success, not only because the band cultivated a cult-following, but by their scandalous promotion strategies. They scribbled flyers and posters which advertised that One Eyed God Prophecy had ex-members from Union of Uranus – a publicity stunt that was used to attract more people to their shows.

One Eyed God Prophecy disbanded shortly after their tour and never released a second album. In 2001 however, a friend of the band made a homemade discography. While this CD was meant for his own use, there was enough demand from others for him to make 100 additional copies. This discography contained the seven songs from the LP in addition to two live sets (from CFLX Studio and Birdhouse).