NUTS & CO - Kangourou LP

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Camizole imprint returns with this genuinely mental album recorded in France circa 1982! We've seen a lot of oddities reissued over the last few years, but few come close to capturing the bewildering brilliance of this bizarre album, resurfacing now on a first-ever vinyl pressing.

**Remastered and limited to 300 copies**

First reissue of this arty 80s minimal synth gem from Nuts & Co, ephemeral self-produced project. After a short mental trip to Japan, Camisole is back in France with the reissue of Kangourou by Nuts & Co. Inspired by Dadaism, ancient tribes and natural life they self-produced and released this album in 1982. The result is a blend of experimental synth-tunes combined with some german spoken word and french madness. For sure "Semite" with its shamanic percussions will get your attention but other synth oddities includes "La Vie des Animaux" , "Auf Dem Lande" and "Kangourou" too. 

"Another lost gem from France's absurdly verdant overgrowth of freak fringe groups circa the early 80's, Nuts & Co.'s minimal synth meets clonk and bonk Residential formulations seem custom made for Mutant. Within their skewed key/bass/drum machine attack are echoes of other early 80's French operatives of the time like Achwgha Ney Wodei and Lucas Trouble, though Nuts & Co.'s cheerfully maddening approach shares an even greater simpatico with Germany's Originalton, Belgium's Bene Gesserit and Denmark's Ivor Axeglovitch." Mutant Sound