NUMENOREAN - demo 2014 LP

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one sided 180gr 12" with screenprint on side b


"I was captivated from the first moments by the reverberating solo guitar melody and continued to be carried away by the song as it evolved, moving through soft passages of sorrowful meditation and powerful waves of riffs coming down like sheets of rain, and concluding with the strumming of an acoustic guitar." - NoCleanSinging 

"Numenorean’s 2014 demo is without doubt one of best demos I’ve had the pleasure of listening to and that’s strange because I’d never heard of the band prior to receiving this demo for review. There’s an unbelievable talent here and fantastic skill and understanding of how to write and perfect great post black metal songs. It made me instantly want to hear more from the band and I’m eager to listen to the full length next year w

hich i believe could put them on the black metal map." - TheIndependentVoice 
"Numenerean plays a style of post black metal/gaze that is very melodic and atmospheric sounding while also making both of the tracks very melancholic and progressive, the production sounds very dark yet powerful for being a self released recording while the lyrics cover darkness and nature themes." - Occultblackmetalzine 

"Really awesome post black metal from Calgary, AB. Numenorean started off as a two person project that quickly grew to a full lineup. They remind me a lot of Falls of Rauros, a very big sound to inspire and fill your head space. I love it when a band comes out of the gate with a powerful demo." - BlackMetalMother

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