NOVY SVET - DeGenerazione LP

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After having finished recordings for "Desde Infiernos De Flores", Nový Svět immediately began putting down new songs for a follow-up album, which they planned to finalise benefitting from time won by releasing "Desde Infiernos De Flores" in slices (of CD EPs) over a period of some months.

J. Weber's and Frl. Tost's return to an earlier life in their hometown Vienna brought a new deck of cards into play and those by then already mixed new pieces, rumoured to circle around all things dream and sleep and (waking up in) nightmares, suddenly were regarded as "too spanish", hence "inappropriate" for release. Instead in late 2007 surprisingly a synth-only album named "Todas Las Últimas Cosas" ("All the last things"), accompanied by a collection of early demos entitled "Todas Las Primeras Cosas", was announced by the acclaimed german label Treue Um Treue / Reue Um Reue.

During the following seven years it took Nový Svět to present their next album "Mono", tons of unreleased music were made available on various formats. But none of the tracks being abandoned in 2007 showed up.

Years after their making those recordings were saved from a disintegrating master and compiled for the album "DeGenerazione", which when it much later showed up online caught the attention of Quindi Records, now making the album available for the first time on the intended LP format, presenting a missing link in the Austrians' discography and the final part of a musical triptych, the so-called Spanish Trilogy, a reflection on transition, begun with "Fin.Finito.Infinito" back in Vienna, where it now would also find an end.

Although noisy and rhythmic in parts, "DeGenerazione" closes the passage of Nový Svět's exile on an overall introspective note. It stands as a document of a band at the point of implosion, another dark hole - in a story full of them - illuminated and evidence that J. Weber's Spanish did not improve a bit. Not even living there. A triumph of the will.