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NORTH - metanoia TAPE

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Metanoia is the new EP from Arizonian post/sludge trio North, and serves as a “transitionary piece” between their previous full length, The Great Silence, and the sound of North in the future. The EP feature four tracks, ranging from five to seven minutes in length. North’s new outing is brief, but it certainly gets the job done. The band combine classic post-rock atmospherics and morose moods with monolithic sludge metal riffing, which has become the staple of bands categorized under the post-metal genre. “Atrabilious” opens up Metanoia with minimalistic, somber notes via an echoing guitar, which lead into monstrous, sludgy chord progressions that are full of bellowing low-end and aggression. The band transition from there into a nice, grumpy groove before climaxing with atmospheric tremolo picking. A similar approach is employed in “Hiraeth”, which begins with post-rock style strumming and leads into seismic melodic chords. “Nefelibata” and “Master” break from the mold a little bit, however. “Nefelibata” begins with swelling, shoegaze-like atmospheres and bleed into Isis-esque post-metal dirges that are full of emotional rawness. “Master”,  on the other hand, is a headbanging-inducing groove factory that pumps out catchy, heavy riff after catchy, heavy riff. Metanoia does nothing new for the post or sludge metal styles but it is a solid piece of work nonetheless. After two solid releases in a row, I am eager to hear North’s next offering.”