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Following the bands EP Efterår and standalone single Dvale, Danish instrumental blackgaze/post rock duo NORDSIND is gearing up to release their debut full length “Lys” through DIY punk/hardcore/post-metal labels Voice of the Unheard, Belladonna Records, Vinyltrolden, Araki, Maniyax and Dingleberry Records.

The core of Nordsind has always been storytelling through music. By creating atmospheres of melancholy, joy, calm and sadness, Nordsind strive to be the soundtrack to your daydream. The bands coming album Lys is no exception and as the title suggests, the main inspiration for this album has been light (Lys being the danish word for light). Light both as a physical thing, that can be observed and explained, but also light in an esoteric and spiritual manner. Lys serves as a sonic representation of how the band interprets this.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordsind has existed since the beginning of 2017 and play instrumental post rock/blackgaze, with big open chords, fast blastbeats and calming melodic parts, that makes thoughts wander and time fly.

Since its inception, Nordsind has supported bands like Ghost Bath (US), Møl (DK), Toundra (ESP), LLNN (DK), Birds in Row (FR) and more. Furthermore the band has released an EP in dec 2017 called Efterår and the single Dvale featuring Kim of Throwe on vocals in june 2019.

For fans of: Lantlos, We Lost the Sea, Alcest etc.