NO SUN RISES - Ascent & Decay LP

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Considering the current global political situation and the problems inherent in the Western capitalist system, one can’t help but conclude that the world is fucked. North Rhine-Westphalia’s “No Sun Rises” have also come to that conclusion. Taking an anarchist approach, they set themselves to shake the proverbial place where the sun never shines to the very foundations. The band started out playing crust and d-beat but, partly due to a line-up change (new bassist, additional guitarist), gradually changed their sound to heavy, atmospheric post-black metal. A wall of sound, composed of plangorous black metal riffs, frantic blast beats, atmospheric post-rock elements, and political-philosophical lyrics dealing with the human condition capture, and at the same time steamroll, the audience. Early samples of this sonic image can be found on the No Sun Rises / Dysania split tape, released on the Mackey’s Law label in 2017. The band’s forthcoming album “Ascent / Decay,“ set to be released in 2019, promises to also hammer the tidings of a decaying system and the resulting impact on humanity into the brains of the audience. Formed in 2015 (as a four-piece), “No Sun Rises,” whose members have played in bands like Unrest, Irrlicht, and Some Are More Equal, lyrically deal with human life in the postmodern era and manage to do so without the usual slogans, platitudes, and banalities. Driven by philosophical questions surrounding that topic, “No Sun Rises” have played in virtually every venue that shares, appreciates, and lives their views. Having been part of the musical and political underground for some years, they have shared the stage with bands like Celeste, Dawn Ray’d, No Omega, and Hexer. Nigh is the eternal sunset! - IdioteQ