NO LIGHT - Gemini LP

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Copenhagen, Denmark-based alternative/indie rock outfit, NO LIGHT, will issue their debut album Gemini through Indisciplinarian.

Issues NO LIGHT of Gemini, “The record was recorded in one intense day, capturing the looseness and the honesty of the songs which were all written over a short period after the band’s first EP. Usually when you take a long time contemplating the songs, but we decided to let go of our need for control and just go with it.”

Treble offers, “It’s an album of melodic, emo-influenced indie rock that’s equally big on hooks and guitars. We hesitate to call them ‘emo-revival,’ but the mix of atmosphere and punchy guitars recalls ’90s era Polyvinyl Records and Dischord material, which is perfectly alright in our book.”

NO LIGHT is a new Danish rock band consisting of five experienced gentlemen with a past in such notable ensembles as Lack, The Fashion, and Marvins Revolt. Their forthcoming debut album Gemini is a timeless rock record built on great songwriting and intense musical performances from a team of competent musicians, and all basic tracks were recorded in just one intense day with producer Lasse Ballade (Halshug, Solbrud a.o.) at Ballade Studios. The prevailing theme of Gemini is soul searching and circles around being caught up between youth culture and adult life and the processing of the shame, the insufficiency and the fear that comes with the changes of age. In recent months NO LIGHT has released two songs from their debut LP Gemini; first the straightforward and super catchy “I.R.W.M.A.M.W.T.O.” – which was accompanied by a video created by Plastic Kid (aka the band’s singer Jakob Printzlau) and Theis Mortenson documenting the album recordings earlier this year — followed the massive-sounding “Born To Ride.”